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Home Seafood Shellfish
Sashimi Scallop 3L (11-15 Pcs)
Come From Japan Hokkaido
Sashimi Scallop 2L (16-20 Pcs)
Come From Japan Hokkaido
Scallop U10, Wild Caught
Come From USA, Captain Call
Mini Scallop
Come From China
Blue Mussel (Cooked)
Come From Canada
Organic Green Mussel Half Shell
Come From New Zealand, Pure
Frozen Hiroshima Oyster 3L
Come From Japan
Conch XXL
Come From USA, 大西洋
Green Lip Abalone (Size: 1-2)
Come From Australia, 金鳳凰
Superior Abalone
Come From China
Half Shell Scallop
Come From Japan
Scallop (Not for Sashimi)
Come From JP, Hokkaido
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