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Maine Lobster Tail
Come From USA, Cozy Harbor
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Lobster Tails

The most popular part of the Lobster is the Tail. So indulge in the easiest most succulent meat you’ll ever have and enjoy the luxury of lobster without the fuss. Tails are great for grilling and provide an easy way to dress up any plate and guaranteed to impress with its exceptional taste and texture.

Is lobster good for you?

Known as a ‘treat’ food, lobster is actually one of the healthiest proteins you can eat. Lobster meat actually has less calories, less total fat and less cholesterol than a skinless chicken breast. Lobsters are a wild caught, naturally fed and free range food.

About Cozy Harbor Seafood

Cozy Harbor is the largest processor of Lobster in the US. We are a primary processor with our main processing plant in Portland, Maine. In business since 1980, Cozy Harbor has established itself in the US and world markets as the most respected source for high quality seafood products from Maine.

Food Safety

Cozy Harbor is the only U.S. lobster processor to attain British Retail Consortium (BRC) Certification Grade A Level. The BRC Global Food Standard is recognized around the world as a premier Global Food Safety Initiative standard for food safety and quality systems, and BRC Certification is required by many European retailers.

Cozy Harbor has been awarded the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Grade A* Global Standard for Food Safety certification.

The Standard is designed to provide certification for food manufacturers who implement good manufacturing practices and have the supporting quality management systems to produce safe, legal products meeting their customers’ quality requirements.

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